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As I am having a baby this month, I have decided to give myself the month off 🙂 But so people don’t forget I have a blog, I have some lovely blogs writing guest posts for me. First up is the lovely Natalie from The Waitress, The Chef & Our Brood. Here she talks about childcare.


As working parents, finding the right childcare for our daughters is something that my husband and I take very seriously.

So when our current childminder told us that she was shutting her business, it was a massive blow. Over the last 2 years, she has looked after our youngest daughter and also our eldest when we have become stuck.

Not only has she been our daughters childminder and helped with their development, she has become their friend and ours. She is a massive part of our daily lives and helps with the upbringing of the children.

She has always gone above and beyond what her job role is and it has truly saddened us to lose her. She has been amazing though since telling us and even helped me find another childcare provider, which luckily because she has lots of contacts, it only took a day.

It’s always such a worrying time when making the decision about childcare settings and I for one have to feel completely 100% at ease with the setting, the person in question and also the other children.

The future childminder seems really nice and I even asked our current childminder if the girls will be able to develop even further with her. Because in all honesty, our current childminder knows our children inside out, she knows what else they need to continue growing as well as we do as their parents.

I have had all the information sent to me about the new setting/childminder and the children and I are going to have a look around on Thursday evening.

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