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As I am having a baby this month, I have decided to give myself the month off 🙂 But so people don’t forget I have a blog, I have some lovely bloggers writing guest posts for me. Here is ModerateMum and her 5 ways to make mornings magic 🙂


As a parent mornings are when I can feel the most out of control. I’m not really a morning person anyway but add to that an unpredictable alarm (child), endless stopping and starting and at least 17 separate negotiations, sometimes after a morning I want to climb right back into bed. The thing is my son is a bundle of fun in the AM and it pains me that I might miss out on this just because I can’t pull myself together. If you too are holding it together with prayer and espresso, here’s my five ways to make your morning magic.

Start Early. When I say early I mean really early, like the night before early. The more things you have crossed off your list the easier the morning madness will be. Remember when you were in school and you promised yourself that you would just get up before dawn and study for that test? How often did that happen? At the very least have clothes picked out and any bags required for the day packed but I have been known to go as far as putting my sons Weetabix in a covered bowl and his beaker of milk in the fridge. If you do get up before the children that can be considered bonus time and you can do something delicious like have a cup of tea in peace.

Admit your weaknesses. No one lives in a breakfast cereal commercial; that beautiful couple that have the children with immaculately ironed clothes – they’re not really married. Those children – not their children (I know, wild!). Don’t live up to anyone’s expectations but your own. If cooking is your thing of course make a nutritious feast but if it’s not, get microwave porridge and forget about it.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. When things get hectic we can sometimes miss what’s important. There are thousands of children every morning late for class because a parent was attempting to create a perfectly straight French braid. My son wears odd socks every day, to be honest I’m thinking odd socks might be his ‘thing’. If the horror of mismatched feet appears to be causing any lasting damage, I’ll let you know until then I’m gonna let it go.

Give the kid a clue. One of the most stressful aspects of the morning time is children just not shaking a tail feather. I myself remember the smoke coming out of my mother’s ears when she’d find me reading a book when I was supposed to be brushing my teeth. A lot of children find transitions jarring so it helps to have a predictable morning routine with some space for slowing the pace if you have to. Younger children might appreciate visual cues to let them know what’s going on for the day.

Make it fun. Mornings are still family time and for working parents it might be the only time spent with the children that day. Try and inject some frivolity into the early hours and it will help the time go smoothly. Why not play one of your favourite songs whilst clearing the breakfast table? Or allow five minutes of bed jumping before getting dressed. If you can laugh together in the morning you’ll be guaranteed to go through the day with a spring in your step.


Charlene is a support worker and blogs over at The Moderate Mum. She lives in Brighton with her husband Graham and their son Roscoe. In 2016 Charlene will be embarking on Mission Acceptance, a year of learning to live with herself. If you would like to follow her mission or join in with the weekly challenges please sign up for updates here.


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  1. yvonne says:

    Mornings are a nightmare for me. It’s not the children’s fault that we literally run to school, it’s mine. I just want things perfectly in place before leaving home. Hopefully following your tips may help.

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