Halloween films for kids!

So Autumn is finally here and with that comes Halloween! I love Halloween and so do the teens but Harry is 3 so hasn’t been into it as of yet but this year he’s starting to get a bit involved. I think the best way to get children excited and involved in Halloween is with crafts and films. I’m not the craftiest of people so I’m going to give you a list of my favourite films.

All films we’ve watched and loved. The ages vary on all of them and of course chidren vary so it’s up to you if you feel your child is at an age to watch them.

Happy Halloween!

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4 Responses to Halloween films for kids!

  1. We love Shrek too! great choice 🙂 x

  2. Mummy's Blog says:

    I love the nightmare before Christmas, I should get that out and watch it this week! I’ve heard good things about Frankenweenie, but not seen it yet x

  3. There are some great choices here – I love The Addams Family, and Hocus Pocus is just a great film full stop! Thanks for linking up to #HelloHalloween 🙂

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