Harry at 18 months

I know everyone says it but I really can’t believe Harry is 18 months old already! I think I struggled more with him turning 18 months than I did when he turned 1. No idea why.

He is such a little character, he makes us laugh on a daily basis. And he is aware that he is making us laugh so he does it all the more. He loves being the center of attention 🙂 Just like his brother and sister hehe

He can walk really well now and sometimes even tries to run.

His speech is brilliant. He can say much. Well I think its a lot for his age. He says lots of single words but can also string a few together.

For instance he has said things like “Daddy’s coat” and “I can cook”

His appetite is really good too. He will eat almost everything we give him (unless hes teething or poorly) His favorites being pasta, pear, melon, and of course chocolate 🙂 (not all together though)

He loves dressing up (and just recently undressing) If anyone has left their shoes, clothes etc lying around he will put it on.

He loves going out to explore and if we meet other children he will try and cuddle them. They are not always so willing to except one though 🙂

He is very loving and often cuddles and kisses us all BUT having said that he does like to give you a good slap in the face for no apparent reason 🙂

Here’s a few pictures of my beauty…..



Ball pool

Chocolate mousse!

I love my Brother!


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