Harry at 8 months



Harry at 8 months

Harrys has just turned 8 months (5th april) I know everyone says it, but i really cant believe its been 8 months! It goes so fast. Before i know it he will 10 or 12 like courtney and jordan! He is so clever and funny 🙂 He makes us all laugh everyday, as do the other two.

He can now sit unaided and is very close to crawling. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He is trying to stand up on things. He can feed himself and is eating almost everything (We all like our food). He can say mama (his only word haha). And his two new things are blowing raspberrys and wiping the floor (start them early) And he tries to wave. He has one tooth and another just coming through. And lastly he is a massive trumper! Sometimes i think its the bigger kids, he’s so loud! Haha. As Tom would say “That’s my boy” 🙂


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