Harry’s birth story


Because of all the problems I had through my Pregnancy I was booked in for an induction. I hated this fact but had no choice as I needed to do what was best for me and Harry. We were told to be at the hospital at 8 am so we got everything ready the night before so we wouldn’t forget anything. I had a rubbish nights sleep because I was so nervous. We got to the hospital at 8 on Friday morning and was put on a ward with about 4 beds in, all of us there to be induced. We sat around for hours and hours waiting to be induced. Talk about making me more nervous!

I was eventually given a pessary (a small tablet with a string a bit like a mini tampon which is inserted inside and left for 24 hours) I then walked about the labour ward listening to the women giving birth and again, shitting myself! Nothing happened but apart from mild contractions so Tom (my OH) went home and I was put on a ward for the night. I still continued to have contractions so I was given some pain killers and I fell asleep. By the morning the contractions had gone and I was completely gutted! I so wanted my labour to happen and no more helping hands.

So now it was Saturday. When Tom got back to the hospital I had to go back to the small ward and told to have a hot bath and do more walking around. But still nothing happened apart from mild contractions. I was so unhappy and because I had not had a decent nights sleep for two days, it was all getting to me a lot. I was then give a sweep ( where she tried to break my waters 3, yes 3 times!) That was not a nice experience. She did manage it though and they very very slowly started to come out.

I went for another hot bath as I now started to get contractions that got stronger and stronger but on a scale of 1 to 10 I was still on about 4. Not nice and very tiring but still not full on labour. Every time I thought I was a bit further, I got checked and was told over and over “Your 2 cm” I was sick of hearing 2 cm. I went to the toilet and Tom came with me and I burst into tears and told him to make it stop, I didn’t want to do it anymore ( I now feel so sorry for Tom, it must have been so difficult for him) But the lack of sleep, the slow labour, the problems through my pregnancy and the not having a birth that I wanted, it had all just got to me!

I was then put in a labour suite and put on a drip and a machine that induces labour, I know I’m a bit pants but I don’t know what it was called. First of all to put the drip in they had a nurse try and do it. She was so crap! Tom said it was horrible to watch. She tried so many times to try and get it in my hand, she went in out, in out. And for someone who is scared of needles it was horrific! I screamed for her to stop and she she was not allowed to touch me again. They then got an Anaesthetist who was fantastic and didn’t hurt me a bit.

Then we had a really horrible midwife, she was so bloody miserable and never tried to make me feel better. My contractions were getting stronger and stronger and at one point I felt I needed to push and was told, you guessed it 2 cm! I just cried and cried and said I couldn’t do it. Reading it now I sound like such a wimp but it really was tough. I had my second child in 8 hours with no pain relief so it just goes to show that every pregnancy and labour is different. Anyway that midwife went and we got another lady who was brilliant. She came in and turned the machine right up, within 10 minutes my contractions were every couple of minutes and I was in agony, it was such a shock to the system.

The midwife talked to me about the different pain relief and I asked for paracetamol. Such a bloody idiot! I was convinced by the midwife and Tom to have gas and air and I am so glad I did. I don’t remember much after that but Tom said it was about another 45 minutes (and back with the horrible midwife) and I was ready to push.

So Harry was born 3.05 am Sunday 5th August weighing 6lb exactly. I was so happy 🙂

Unfortunately it wasn’t the end. After I delivered the placenta it was clear I was losing a lot of blood and I had blood clots so after just giving birth the midwife had to massage my stomach and put her hand inside and pull the clots out. I kept saying “please just stop it” It was so horrible and scary. I know it was something she had to do, but I had had the relief of giving birth and it being over, to then having to go through that. After that was finished I was put on another drip until 9 am that made me keep contracting! So for 5 hours after giving birth I was unable to feed or change Harry, Tom had to do it all (he was so nervous, bless him) and she roughly kept changing the sheets underneath me. They were changed, it felt like hundreds of times. Just horrible!

At 9 am and another midwife (a really lovely one)  I was given a wash and some breakfast and drink. The lovely midwife even gave me enough for Tom to have some. He was so happy because he had been with me 24 hours and had not been offered anything and all the machines were broken close to us. The one drink he was offered was a cup of coffee, he had one sip and then I announced I needed to push,he tells everybody that story. How inconsiderate was I? 🙂 I was put on a ward and had to stay in for the whole day Sunday and the night and was sent home Monday afternoon. I have no idea how I lasted but again I didn’t sleep the whole night again so now I was on two nights of no sleep and before that two nights of unsettled sleep. I just held Harry in my arms all night feeding him and just watching him. When I got home I was totally paranoid of everything! I thought I was going to die. Everything I felt I thought was not normal and something was going to happen to me. Strange how no sleep can affect your mind so much. I think everything I had been through had not helped. Unfortunately I didnt start to feel better until Harry was 6 months old because of numerous things. But of course Harry was worth all of it, he is just perfect and I wouldn’t be without him now. So that’s my story I must say it has been one of the hardest post’s I have ever written. Not at all an experience I wanted to relive.


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3 Responses to Harry’s birth story

  1. Rachel says:

    Sounds like you had such a rough time. We’ve been so lucky that both experiences have so far been wonderful with lovely midwives but I know that we’ve just been really lucky. Main thing is you and Harry were both safe even ipthiugh it wasn’t a great time x

  2. Thanks for linking to #babybabble hun. Sounds like such a mixed batch of emotions you went through, I’m sorry Tom wasn’t offered anything – how sad is that? I was lucky in that Carson’s dad was offered drinks and 2 hours before Finley was born he was even offered tea and toast! Like you say though, it’s so worth it. Glad you’re OK now, and Harry is such a beautiful baby 🙂 xx

  3. Ohsogawjess says:

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience, it must be so frustrating and soul destroying being in slow labour.



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