Harry’s first Easter Egg Hunt!


Yesterday we had a Easter egg hunt in our back garden. It was Harry’s first one so I was very excited. Being on 19 months he didn’t really get the concept but he did enjoy it a little.

He found the first egg and just wanted to sit eating the sweets 🙂 But I took every egg of him, he had a little moan (for about 30 seconds)  but then was eager to look for the next one.

The older two, being 13 and 11 I thought wouldn’t enjoy it but they loved it! Courtney (13) rushed round and found them all pretty quick. Jordan (11) rushed around and found a few but then struggled with the last few which gave us a good laugh.

We only have a small garden so there was only so much I could do but the kids enjoyed it and that’s all that matters 🙂


I don’t have a huge amount of photo’s and the kids are looking a bit moody in them all but that is what happen’s when I leave the OH to take the pictures! They did enjoy it though 🙂 


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