Harry’s lunchbox for a week

Harry has always been so good with food and still is to a certain extent. He usually eats breakfast, lunch and dinner but lately he’s got so fussy with his packed lunches. I’ve tried mixing them up as much as I can but he’s been coming home with it only half eaten. I’ve looked on pinterest for ideas but most of the things he doesn’t like. Its the main bit I’m struggling with the most. He doesn’t like sandwiches, just bread and butter. But I don’t want to give him that everyday (he gets bored with it) so tried crackers and cheese, breadsticks and cheese (he doesn’t like any type of dips) he doesn’t like ham/chicken etc, doesn’t like wraps so I’m really at a loss. Any ideas are very welcome.

So just in case you’re struggling with ideas, I’ve added 6 of his lunches below for you to see.

Bread roll and butter, hula hoops, blueberries, oat bar, yogurt.

Soreen loaf, crackers, raisins, nesquik bar, cucumber, yogurt.

Bread and butter, popcorn, raisins, gingerbread men, carrots, yogurt.

Crackers, cheese, grapes, yogurt, chocolate covered raisins, quavers.

Breadsticks, cheese, cucumber, crisps, rice krispies bar, yogurt.

Baguette and butter, crisps, carrot, banana, Rice Krispie bar, yogurt.

See what I mean? I’m trying but a lot of it keeps coming back so he’s starving when he gets home.

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