Harry’s Nativity Play

On the 13th December (my birthday) we went to watch Harry’s school nativity play. Harry has only been going to this school since September (he was at a different school for reception but started at this one for year 1 because we moved home) but he has adjusted so well and made lots of friends. At first he really didn’t like it and struggled but he now loves it more than his old school.

Anyway this was only his second nativity but first at this school. He was a dancing animal and he completely smashed it!

He had a small line and he had to shake his bottom, which just melted my heart.

We’re not allowed to take photo’s at his school but at the end we paid £1 and were given a lovely photo of him. I can’t show you that either because it has his friends in it.

But on the 15th of December I was invited to Harry’s gold assembly where he received his first ever certificate. This certificate was for being the most caring member of the classroom and always helping his friends *heart melts*

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! How lovely!
    Well done Harry….

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