Harry’s school achievments  

Last week Harry came home with not only his first ever school photo but a couple of certificates from school. One for 100% gold behaviour and one for an excellent explanation of how he made a snowman. I was so proud of him and he was so happy and proud to show me them.

He also got an invitation for us to attend a special assembly where Harry would be awarded a badge for his 100% gold behaviour. At his school the pupils are given a lanyard (when they get their first badge) and when they have special achievements, they receive a new badge and can get a collection. I think it’s a great incentive for the children.

So on Monday we took a seat in the hall to watch the assembly for Harry to receive his lanyard and his first badge. When his name was called he stood up, excepted his badge from his teacher and stood in the line with all the others getting a badge. His face made my heart burst. He is naturally a shy person and you could see in his face it was out of his comfort zone but he did so well and just smiled, concentrating on us.

The parents were called up to attach the badges to the lanyard and Harry gave me the biggest cuddle. After the parents had sat back down, every one was asked to clap for the children. They all looked so pleased and proud of themselves, including Harry. And then Harry made us all laugh and did a fancy bow (something they had been learning at school) it was so cute!


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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Well done Harry…It sounds like he is doing so well at school.
    You must be so proud x

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