Harry’s top 5 films 

One milestone I love (if you could call it that) is when the children got to an age where they would sit and watch a film. Not because I wanted the peace (though that is lovely) but because it’s another great activity to enjoy together. Harry has just got to the age now where he enjoys sitting through a film and I love it because it means family movie nights can now include him. We love to snuggle under a blanket, eating snacks and watching a film. None of us talk, yet it does bring us closer together. 

I try to introduce new films to Harry but he has 5 films that are firm favourites and he will choose them over and over again. 

1. Wreck it Ralph 

2. Hotel Transylvania 2

3. Toy Story (all3) 

4. Minions Movie

5. Ratatouille 

He also liked, but hasn’t watched again… zootropolis, the fox and the hound, the good dinosaur, Aladdin, Inside Out, Mary Poppins, Monsters Inc, Wall.E, The Incredibles, Matilda, Flushed Away.

Which ones are your little ones favourites? I’d love to find some more he would like. 

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  1. rachelswirl says:

    Ah we love Ratatouille!

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