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Harry turned 15 months yesterday which means he has not followed in his brother and sister’s steps and walked at 14 months because he still doesn’t (Unaided anyway). But I’m not concerned because he is very good at other aspects, one being his speech. I think he says quite a lot for his age. It’s almost daily he say’s a new word now. So far we have….

Mama, Daddy, Jordan, Nana, Grandad, din din (Dinner), Santa, Cat, Seeties (sweeties), tree, There, Wassat (What’s that), Didi (Dummy), Cuddle, Dog/Doggies

He also can understand almost everything you say. He’s very good at telling you what he wants without saying anything too. For instance he will motion to be picked up and then pull your top or will sometimes point and say “There”. And he points at the Tv/phone/kindle etc and dance and hum (That usually means he wants Thomas The Tank Engine)

He clicks his fingers (well tries) and clicks his tongue to the roof of his mouth (Don’t know what it’s called but you know what I mean) to call the cat and dog’s he sees. And he has even used that to call his brother and sister haha

He is such a funny cheeky boy. He makes me laugh every day!

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