Hatchimals CollEGGtables Crown Jewels Review

Does your child love a collectible? Of course they do! Collectibles are the in thing this year and my two boys love collecting items. We were recently sent a Hatchimals CollEGGtables Crown Jewels Mega Secret Surprise and my two boys LOVED it. I knew Jack would because it’s totally his thing

His face as he opened it is proof of that. But Harry (7) first he was not interested at all but it didn’t take him long to start loving it.

So we opened it up and discovered a giant pink love heart egg

We took the egg out, which Harry insisted on doing (considering he thought it was rubbish to start)

And found some little eggs in packets to open which they both got stuck into. Inside we’re the cutest little hatchimals!

We loved opening them and seeing what their names were but we were a bit disappointed that that’s all there was. But then I accidentally put my finger in the egg and we discovered that there were a load more inside the egg. Which now is pretty obvious as they’re called HATCHIMALS!

First Harry opened one and it was a pixie and she came with lots of accessories which he loved. He sat for ages making her look pretty

There were also lots more hatchimals

and a lip gloss which Jack put on me and himself straight away

We played with them for ages afterwards discovering their names, changing crowns and tiaras and general playing.

Inside the egg was also 3 discs with codes on the back for Hatchtopia Life

So we downloaded the game and entered the codes which gave us lots of different things. One code gave us an egg to hatch an Hatchimal. The next one gave us clothes and the third gave us furniture. So then we had lots of fun playing that. It’s really safe as you don’t have to enter any details and it’s really easy to use.

Normally I find these eggs a bit of a rip off but actually I think this one is well worth the money because you get so much from it.

  • Includes: 10 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, 10 CollEGGtibles Crown Accessories, 1 Hatchimals Pixies Royal, 6 Pixies Royal Accessories, 1 Lip Gloss, 2 Sheets of Hatchimals Royal Stickers, 3 Hatchtopia Life Tokens

This egg is available from Smyth’s for £34.99

*we were sent this egg in exchange for a review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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