How school has changed my 4 year old

Harry has always been very outgoing. He always wanted to play outside, gardening, jumping in muddy puddles (thanks peppa) and playing at the park. When he was 2 years old he started nursery a couple of mornings a week and he loved it (after about 2 weeks of crying) and was the same outgoing child but he gained more confidence and his speech improved. Then when he was 3 he started going a few days a week and not just mornings. By now he loved the nursery so much, he was happy to go longer (he still talks about the place now) and agin he was the same little boy, he just grew and developed more skills.

When he was 3 and a half the nursery finished for the school holidays and harry was not going back as he was starting school in the September, just after his 4th birthday. I really was not happy about this. I just wasn’t ready for him to go and I didn’t feel he was ready either but his nursery sadly had to close after the holidays so he couldn’t go back there so if I chose to not send him to school (as legally I didn’t have to) it would mean a whole year with me and no nursery which I felt wouldn’t be fair on him so I chose to send him.

Now Harry does enjoy school (though lately since he had Christmas off he hasn’t wanted to go in but he doesn’t cry) but he has changed so much! Now he wants to go nowhere, not even to the park sometimes. He just wants to stay in all the time. It’s quite sad to see. He is just so tired all the time and always wants to stay in his pjs and watch films or play nicely with some toys. He’s also got very grumpy whenever you tell him something or he doesn’t get his own way. he can be quite horrible at times (though come to think of it I think that is just a 4 year old thing). 

He’s also got scared of everything. We say about going on adventures on a plane, a boat, rides at Thomas land, a safari and he always doesn’t want to do any of it. I really hope he gets used to school soon and starts to get a little bit of his ol self back. 

I really think age 4 is too young to start school and age 5 is much more an appropriate age. 

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  1. RachelSwirl says:

    Oh god reading this made me well up. My little lady is an august baby and whilst she is currently only three years old she will be starting school THIS SEPTEMBER. I am dreading it and reading this has made me consider whether to send her!

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