iCandy Raspberry stroller review


I was recently asked if I would like to review the new iCandy Raspberry Stroller. At first I thought probably no because H doesn’t really use a pushchair much anymore but as I’m expecting and saw that it’s also from birth, I said yes. As it turns out, I’ve actually used it every day since receiving it a week ago 🙂

I absolutely hand on heart can say that I adore this pushchair! It’s so easy to push, looks great, is easy to fold and open and stores great in our car, has a big basket, just everything we want in a pushchair. And H has not fallen asleep in a pushchair for maybe a year. We have had this pushchair a week and he has fallen asleep in it 3 times 🙂

On Saturday we spent the day at Weston-super-mare and the iCandy raspberry was brilliant! Here is our day….

We didn’t get there until lunchtime so our first port of call was the beach for some chips and of course some little rides




(no idea why I didn’t get pictures of our chips)

Then we had a little walk around, visited an arcade and had a ride on the seafront train




Before heading back to the beach for a good play. This is where the basket on the iCandy was brilliant! We didn’t have to carry a thing. We had drinks, H’s bag for nappies, wipes, change of clothes, sun cream, blankets, towels and bucket & spade for both kids 🙂




H built sandcastles (and knocked down sandcastles) while J built a fort of some kind. This made us all super hungry so we headed to a resturant for more chips (what else when you’re at the beach) and some sausages.

It was so hot that we thought it’s best we spend some time indoors too so we visited the Sealife centre. Harry was unsure at first so he wanted to stay in the pushchair but he was the perfect height to see the the fish



We saw beautiful fish


And not so beautiful fish


It was  lovely and we all really enjoyed it


After it was time for snacks and some treats 🙂


Before ending the evening with another stroll along the seafront and spending the last of our pennies in the arcades 🙂





It was a truly lovely day that we wish could have lasted longer but we were all shattered when we got home and just got in bed and fell fast asleep 🙂


*We were sent the iCandy Raspberry Stroller for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and all my own.


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10 Responses to iCandy Raspberry stroller review

  1. James Blake says:

    What a lovely day out at the seaside you had! Im looking for a pushchair which is easy to use and isn’t hard to store, it seems the Raspberry is the way to go! have you had any experience using it in busy towns/ cities as i will need a pushchair which is easy to use in the city. So im looking for a lightweight pushchair which is easy to handle 🙂
    Thanks for the great read!

    • Thank you for reading! I’ve not had experience of using it in a busy town so can’t comment if it’s good for that but I’ve not had any issues with it yet and if I was to go into a town, I wouldn’t hesitate using it 🙂

  2. Chrstina Watts says:

    really good article!I have recently purchased a Raspberry and it is sensational! i really love it. James, in answer to your question it is really good in the cities, its good everywhere really! its lightweight and really easy to steer, i deffo recommend you tak a closer look at it!

  3. Jess says:

    I’m amazed, I’ve never been to Weston super mare sea front and it looks wonderful, strangely I’ve the raspberry in yellow and your pictures look better than mine, it seems to work nicely on the sand by the look of things too. I’m mostly in town but will venture further now.

  4. nigel smith says:

    I also purchased a Raspberry earlier this year for my first LO initially i was sceptical with it being a new product and some early reviews i read but i loved the design and the idea that there was no CC and it could potentially last from 0 to 5. I have to say its been a DREAM!! the push the fold, ease of use is just magical and i cant recommend it highly enough.

    Hope this helps x

  5. Becca says:

    hi hun, nice post. liking it. ur little ones looked like they had a good day out. how deep is that basket says you fit in a lot of things but do you know how it measures?Could you fit grocery shopping in etc. would be wanting it to be taking round the shops and on walks in the park probly. How many years do u think it would last too? My son Billy is 1, really I need something hes gona be able to use til about 3 I think. yellow looks good too. Does it wipe clean? pls comment back. liking ur blog, you have nice tips on being a mum :)))


    • Hiya Becca, thank you for your lovely comment. I don’t have exact measurements but I’m sure they would be on the iCandy website. You probably couldn’t fit a weeks shop in it, well I couldn’t but I have been into town with it and been in several shops and not had to carry anything. My son has just turned 3 and still fits in it so I would say it’s good to use until they no longer need one 🙂 it does wipe clean and the yellow does look lovely but I wouldn’t recommend getting the yellow because in the summer you get attacked by bugs lol x

  6. Nisha Mistry says:

    Hi, lovely post and lovely pushchair! I did a lot of research including reading your blog before buying a Raspberry and so far so good! Love the storage basket and the big hood, just need a sunny day to go an enjoy it now 🙁

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