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In November I was invited to InflataNation in Birmingham (they have 4 other places in the UK) but as we’re such a busy family with work and school we struggled to find the time to go. But I finally found a weekend for us to go (teen son couldn’t but he was ok with not coming) so I booked it. We went on Saturday 19th January and genuinely it was the best fun! It was myself, Tom, teen daughter, her boyfriend, Harry and Jack so literally all ages and every single one of us loved it.

They have a larger section for ages 4+ and a section for under 4’s. If you want your under 4 to stay with you, you have to say on the booking and I’m so glad I did. The under 4’s bit is really good but no adults are allowed on it and you can only watch them from the front so basically someone has to sit out on all the fun to watch the child. Thankfully we said he wanted to stay with us and he loved it in the larger area and was more daring than Harry in most of it!

When we were queuing there were a lot of people also on the same time a lot as us and I was quite nervous of the kids getting bashed about but once we went in, it was fine and didn’t feel as busy as I thought.

The facilities were great too. They had toilets, including a baby change and they also had a cafe. It was a little expensive but I think that’s pretty standard these days. I did like that there was alway a place to sit in the cafe because as you have to book in sessions, it’s never too busy.

So much fun! But incredibly tiring, we were all ready for bed after. We did treat ourselves to a slush and a twix for the journey home.

I’d definitely recommend it. I thought the pricing was not too bad either. If you’d like to see our day in more action I have highlighted it on my instagram Teentweentoddler

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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