Is it my birthday yet? Book review!


Getting fed up of hearing “Is it my birthday yet?” I know most parents will answer yes to this. I haven’t heard it from Harry yet because he’s only 2 (3 in August) but having two older children, I know it does get tiresome.

Well over at Personalised Gift Solutions they have created a lovely book which is called Is it my Birthday yet? It is really lovely! Here’s what it says on the back….

‘When you’re a little piglet, it’s hard to be patient. in this delightful story, your child id the piglet and can’t wait for their birthday. They drive Mummy pig mad. Every day, your little one wakes up and asks the same question. Poor Mummy pig and poor piglet. How will your youngster be able to wait until the big day? Luckily, your child has their mummy pig to help…..’

This really is a lovely book. It’s educational because on every page it asks you to count something. The story is, every morning your child (its your child because it is personalised to say your child’s name) asks how long it is until their birthday and mummy pig (which is similar to a popular show) counts down from 10, going down one on each page



I like how it not only is your child’s name speaking, their name is also somewhere on the pictures on each page. Harry loved spotting his name around the book and I loved how it encouraged him to count on each page.

My favourite bit is that you can give a special message to your child on the front page


Its a really sweet idea.

The book itself is A4 in size so easy to hold up when you’re reading to your child and its not too big for your child to look through themselves. It is hardback so makes it easier too and the quality is just perfect. the colours are really bold so draw our child’s attention for longer and it’s nice to look at too 🙂 I really like this book and highly recommend it.


* I was sent this book for the purposes of this review but all words and opinions are my own.



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9 Responses to Is it my birthday yet? Book review!

  1. Catherine says:

    I love the look of this book and the fact that it is personalised. We’ve just celebrated a birthday here and already there is talk about the next one – why do children wish their lives away?!


  2. my two are a little young yet to start counting down to birthdays but definitely a book to look out for when they understand the whole birthday thing a lot more!

  3. What a lovely idea-my son keeps asking and his birthday isn’t until November! i do like the idea of it being personalised.

  4. aaa love the look of this. would be perfect for my toddler, her birthday is next month but she’s been asking about it since April lol thanks for sharing with #readwithme x

  5. I wish I had known about this book on the 13th June of last year! I am not kidding when I say Cameron has spoken about this 5th Birthday (This Friday) since the day after his 4th!
    Sounds like such a fantastic book and definitely something I need to get!

    Laura x x x

  6. Kaye says:

    What a gorgeous book, such a great idea. A is still too young to know (and bless him, his birthday is Christmas day so is there a book for both, lol?). #weekendbookclub

  7. This would be perfect for M’s 2nd birthday or any little ones birthdays for that matter. So cute.

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