It’s come to that time!

It’s come to that time!


It has officially come to that time when I have to Acknowledge my two older kids are growing up! There are things that I just cant ignore and quite frankly they wont let me! For instance my son shouted me into the bathroom while he was having a bath and he said “look” (pointing to his manhood) and I thought shit what am I supposed to say? There was nothing out of the ordinary on there so what was I supposed to be looking at? So I just said “oh yes your a getting a big boy” And started to dry him thinking phew got out of that one. God how wrong was I! He said “no look again” So I looked all the time thinking please let the phone ring, someone knock on the door, anything! So this time I just tried “mmmm” But he said “can you see?” I just thought there is only one way out of this and said “see what?” And he gave me the biggest grin and said as he walked out “Hair’s!” 


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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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