Jack at 6 months


Today my little tiny 5lb 10oz baby is 6 months old. This year is going way to fast for my liking. Today to mark the occasion he sat in his brand new high chair and ate a rich tea biscuit which he absolutely loved! He’s not been pushing to be weaned as he seems happy with milk so we’re just going to take it slowly with him and let him lead the way. I’m going to do a mix of spoon fed purees and baby led weaning as that’s what I did with Harry and it worked for us.

It’s seems mad that he is ready to start weaning and he’s yet to even roll over! He’s very laid back like his Daddy.

He is the happiest baby I have ever met. I’ve had 4 very happy babies but he is bar far the most chilled and happiest. You can’t not smile when he is around you.


It’s an odd feeling of time going too fast and feeling like he has always been a part of our family.


He’s still a ‘good baby’ (like some babies are naughty? pfft) and he sleeps all through the night usually from 8pm to 6am. He has different days, sometimes he just eats and sleeps and other times he wants to play lots and only has a few naps.

Harry still adores him but can be too intense so Jack smiles while he’s not too close but then will cry when he gets near his face haha


All the kids love him ­čÖé



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3 Responses to Jack at 6 months

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    How! How is he 6 months already! That has flown over!
    He’s such a cutie and sounds an absolute delight x

  2. David Ball says:

    He’s an absolute beaut lovely to be around! xx

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