Jack, what changed? 

We’ve all been joking lately that someone has swapped our old Jack for a new one but it really does feel like that. I don’t know what it is but something in him has just changed. He’s still the happy little boy we all know and love (apart from the odd tantrum that have come from nowhere) but  since he turned 15 months he just suddenly changed, and for the better!

He used to hate cheese. I’ve offered it lots since we started weaning and he’s always thrown it on the floor. One day we were at Tom’s mums house and he pinched Harry’s cheese off his plate and ate it all. We thought it might have been a one off but I’ve offered it a few more times at home and he’s eaten it.

Since birth he has hated baths. And I mean would scream the house down as soon as you put him in and until you got him out. But he turned 15 months and just decided he really loves them. He gets excited when you say “do you want a splash splash” and will start to undress. Now he only cries when you’re taking him out! This has just completely shocked us all. We used to dread bath time.

Also at 15 months he took his first steps, twice in one day. And two days later, he climbed the stairs! And not just a couple, no, the entire stairs!

He’s never been interested in the TV but now he will sit and watch a whole episode of Something Special or The Teletubbies.

There has been one negative to him turning 15 months and that is sleep. He’s always been pretty good but lately it’s gone downhill. It’s a real chore to get him to have a nap in the day now unless we’re out for the day and he’s in his pushchair. Only occasionally will he sleep on me now. In the day anyway, at night he will only sleep if he’s cuddling me. Sometimes we can get away with rubbing his back or arm while he’s in his cot. And he’s started waking in the night/very early hours for milk. It’s not every day though so I am grateful for that. I know he’s only 15 months so it’s not unusual but it is when he’s not done it for months and months.

I only remember the other 3 changing as in they suddenly seemed older, never this much in one month.

Did any of your children do something similar to Jack?

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3 Responses to Jack, what changed? 

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Bless him. It sounds something has just clicked. How nice. 🙂
    My girls were about 2 and a half when they dropped their naps. Eek!

  2. Paige says:

    My niece changed all suddenly at 15 months she started crawling one day the next she was walking like she was pro at it, she’s now 2 and this past month she’s learn so much, how to push the right thing on the iPad, she also learnt 6 new words in one day (including my name) it’s strange but amazing how much and how quickly they change I watch your snaps everyday since mid April and to me Jack seems a normal happy little boy with the odd tantrum or the I’ll wind mummy up today mood but you really have a sweet little family

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