JOHNSONS Top-to-Toe Range and Giveaway

We love JOHNSONS  in our house and use it everyday so we’re very excited to try the Top-to-Toe range. We are very impressed and love it all.

JOHNSONS Top-to-Toe range is specially formulated for babies aged 0 to 6 months, and is as safe to use as water alone, from the very first day.

The range gently cleanses and protects baby’s first line of defence – their skin, which is increasingly important at this time of year, when the combination of cold winds and dribble can leave their little faces looking and feeling a little dry and sensitive.

Top 5 Bath-time tips from JOHNSON’S® Healthcare Professional Relationship Consultant, Rebecca Bennett:

  1. Warm a towel before wrapping up baby after a soothing bath. Just make sure the towel isn’t too hot.
  2. Your baby’s vulnerable skin doesn’t like hot water. 37C is perfect, use the inside of your wrist to feel water like baby’s skin does.
  3. Yellow is the colour of energy, sunshine, and it stimulates intellect. So fill baby’s bath with smart yellow toys. Also, keep your baby’s bath toys, you can use them to coax your little one into swimming lessons later.
  4. If your baby is a little nervous at bathtime, talk them through it. Your voice will soothe them – and help them feel safe.
  5. Your baby’s skin is delicate, so pat them dry gently with a towel after a bath.

Five Benefits of Baby Massage from Family Psychologist, Dr. Angharad Rudkin

  1. Massage is a good way of bonding with your baby.
  2. Massage has been shown to help baby’s social and cognitive development.
  3. Big sister or brother can help you to massage your baby – it makes them feel like they can help you care for baby.
  4. Baby massage is a great activity for dads to get involved, and helps them feel closer to their baby and more confident in looking after them.
  5. Massage can be an important part of a bedtime routine, which helps give babies the cue that it is time to snuggle up and sleep.


I have been lucky enough to be given some products for a giveaway too. All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. caroline walliss says:

    The Moisturising Baby Cream, thanks.x

  2. Tracey Ryder says:

    would love to try the baby wash cloths

  3. jennifer thorpe says:

    the baby wash cloths

  4. Zoe C says:

    the baby bath

  5. emma walters says:

    the wash cloths look really handy 🙂

  6. Jo Hutchinson says:

    The Moisturising Baby Cream looks great

  7. Kerry Locke says:

    I’ve not tried the baby wash cloths .. I’d like to give them a try.

  8. Pauline Hill says:

    the baby bath very helpful

  9. Pauline Hill says:

    the baby bath very helpful indeed

  10. LAURA WHEATLEY says:

    the top to toe washwipes

  11. fozia Akhtar says:

    the baby bath

  12. Jackie ONeill says:

    baby massage lotion

  13. laura banks says:

    i really like the baby bath

  14. Beky Austerberry says:

    The wash cloths look so useful and a fab concept

  15. Bob Clark says:

    Moisturising Baby Cream

  16. Lindsey Stuart says:

    Oh wow I would really like to try the baby wash cloths

  17. Kim Neville says:

    baby wash cloths

  18. Jodie A Harvey says:

    The washcloths, i didnt even know they existed (and ive got 6 kids!) they sounds good 🙂

  19. Natalie Crossan says:

    The wash clothes look lovely xx

  20. Tracy Newton says:

    The baby wash cloths

  21. Sarah Rees says:

    I think its the baby birth

  22. YVONNE SHARPE says:

    Baby Massage Lotion

  23. ESME MCCRUBB says:


  24. The wipes! Such a good idea!

  25. Diane Waugh says:

    The body cream

  26. Kelly b says:

    Baby wash cloths

  27. Tee simpson says:

    looking forward to using the wash cloths

  28. Rachael Ashmore says:

    The wipes look fabulous

  29. Julie Henderson says:

    the baby bath but if im honest all of them

  30. Deborah Clarke says:

    The moisturising cream sounds fab.

  31. Keshia Esgate says:

    the baby wash cloths

  32. cheryl hadfield says:

    would love to try the Moisturising Baby Cream

  33. Jane says:

    The baby bath. fond memories from my childhood

  34. Inga Andersen says:

    The Moisturising Baby Cream

  35. Dale Dow says:

    The moisturising baby cream

  36. The moisturising baby cream sounds great

  37. michelle o'neill says:

    The Moisturising Baby Cream

  38. Leanne Newsome says:

    The baby wash

  39. Amy Dickson says:

    The moisturising baby cream sounds fab!

  40. debbie smith says:

    it all looks fab ! but id love to try the wash cloths xx

  41. tammy Westrup says:

    The moisturising baby cream looks great

  42. Charlie Brunton says:

    the baby massage lotion sounds fab!

  43. Jo McPherson says:

    The Baby Washcloths

  44. cathyj says:

    the wash cloths

  45. Diane Carey says:

    The baby washcloths

  46. Nicki simpson says:

    Ooo the baby wash cloths I’ve never seen them

  47. sherri hough says:

    top to toe washwipes

  48. leanne weir says:

    The Moisturising Baby Cream

  49. Jo W says:

    The wash cloths always come in handy

  50. Kristy Brown says:

    The baby wash cloths!

  51. Susan Hoggett says:

    the wash cloths

  52. Anni Large says:

    The moisturising baby cream. 🙂

  53. Gloria Hartley says:

    The wash cloths sound amazing

  54. Jill Fairbanks says:

    Ove Johnsons and would love to try the wash cloths what a fantastic idea

  55. katie w says:

    Has to be the wash cloths as they sound amazing

  56. Linda Curtis says:

    the wash cloths as not seen this one before

  57. Danielle Graves says:

    the wash cloths look great as not seen them before but love the baby oil for doing baby massage, so relaxing for baby and mama

  58. Olivia Nunn says:

    I have seen the wash cloths so definitely those! 🙂

  59. donna l jones says:

    the baby bath

  60. LondonREC says:

    I’d like to try the baby washcloths!

  61. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    The Baby Massage Lotion

  62. Kim Styles says:

    The moisturising Baby cream would be my first pick!

  63. the baby washcloths, I think they will make bathing my little girl so much easier 🙂

  64. Kat Glynn says:

    The Moisturising Baby Cream, god I love the smell of it 🙂

  65. Jane Middleton says:

    Moisturising Baby Cream

  66. Katie Skeoch says:

    The baby bath wash!

  67. Steph Lovatt says:

    The baby washcloths

  68. ellie spider says:

    the wash clothes sound fab – better than wetwipes 😀

  69. claire little says:

    the baby wash clothes

  70. Rich Tyler says:

    Moisturising Baby Cream

  71. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    The Moisturising Baby Cream

  72. Emma says:

    The wash cloths

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    The baby massage lotion 🙂

  74. Karen Lloyd says:

    The wash cloths, they will be great for when we are away.

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    The baby washcloths. Thank you and happy new year!

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    Baby washclothes 🙂

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  85. caroline tokes says:

    Baby Massage lotion

  86. Tracy Gladman says:

    The Baby Bath

  87. Claire Davey says:

    has to be the moisturising baby lotion for sure my son suffers from dry skin a lot.

  88. Jayne Kelsall says:

    I would love to try The Baby Massage Lotion .x

  89. Karen Barrett says:

    The top to toe washwipes.

  90. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Baby bath

  91. samantha buntain says:

    baby washcloths

  92. karen Howden says:

    Moisturising Baby Cream

  93. kirsty broadhead says:

    I’d love to try the wash cloths!

  94. Holly dyson says:

    I would look forward to the wash cloths as I have never used them before.

  95. Angela W says:

    The washcloths…not seen them before x

  96. Kyomi Johnson says:

    Definitely love to try the wash cloths

  97. Rachael says:

    I’ve tried everything apart from wash cloths ! Thanks for chance x

  98. Anneka Hulse says:

    the wash clothes look really handy

  99. Jayne Townson says:

    The baby wash cloths sound good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  100. Sacha Harrup says:

    Moisturising bath cream is divine

  101. Yvonne Wilkinson says:

    Wash cloths

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    The Baby Bath looks great!

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    The wash cloths would be great

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    I have never heard of the baby wash cloths, they must be new, I am looking forward to those the most 🙂

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