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Burglaries are always a concern as they can strike at any time of the year but I think they’re definitely more of a concern around the school holidays and Christmas time.

Legal and General are aware of this and have written an article with some facts and tips. I was really interested to read this as I didn’t know half of it. For instance

Crimestopper’s advised ‘A burglary happens every 40 seconds in the UK’, with us most likely to become a victim of burglary when were ‘away from home’, ‘your home but busy or asleep’ and ‘after Christmas when criminals know you have new and expensive presents in the house’ – They also found that during January, there’s an 11% increase for burglary rates. 

This is shocking and really quite scary. As a parent I do worry about burglaries because not only can your possessions be taken and that can affect all the family (especially children that have had new or favourite items taken) but no one wants to feel unsafe in their home.

Having a partner that works nights, I do worry that it can happen when I would be at home on my own. I have lived in my house for 7 years and thankfully have never been burgled. The top 4 reasons why I think we have avoided it are

  1. We have an alarm system in our home. I admit to not always using it but criminals can see that we have a system in place.
  2. We live in a neighbourhood watch area. We get along well with all of our neighbours and all watch out for one another.
  3. When we go on holiday we keep everything of value (apart from TV’s etc) out of eyesight. And we have family members visit twice a day to feed our cat and shut/open curtains etc
  4. We don’t leave phones/tablets toys etc in front of windows when were out and make sure all things of value (that we can move) are not obviously in view to be taken.


As it’s coming up to Christmas we all need to try and stop burglaries in the home. I understand not everyone has money to buy alarm systems and locks etc but there are things that we can all do that cost very little or are free.

  • There are fake alarm systems and cameras that you can buy that don’t actually work, but criminals don’t know that.
  • My neighbour has a plug that turns on her lights at certain times in the day when she is away so criminals don’t know they’re not at home.
  • You can keep expensive possessions away from windows or from sight if they do manage to get into your home.
  • Double check you have locked all doors and windows before you leave your home. If you leave them unlocked (even if you’re only popping out for minute) you’re just inviting them in.

I really hope we can all start to make some simple changes and stop criminals in their tracks.



*I was paid to write this article but all words (apart from the crimestopper’s part) are all my honest opinions.


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