Learning Resources Sight Word Swat game Review

It breaks my heart that Harry (6) is struggling a little at school but I am determined (and so is he) to do as much as I can at home to help him. I recently got in touch with Learning Resources and they were fantastic at picking out the best games to help him. One of the games was Sight Word Swat. He loves this game! And I love how much it’s teaching him.

The aim of the game is for 1-4 players to have a Swat each. Then you choose your flies. With 300 high frequency words from phases 2-6 of the government Letters & Sounds phonics framework. And are colour coded in level of difficulty.

  • Red = 200
  • Orange = 32
  • Purple = 24
  • Green = 20
  • Blue = 24
  • ‘Tricky’ words are highlighted for easy identification to remind children that they can’t sound out these words phonetically.
  • We started with orange and he found these really easy and was very proud that he could get every one right. The aim of the game is an adult says one of the words aloud and the first child to Swat it, keeps the card. Because Jack is too young, Harry played alone but it’s still good for teaching him to read words.
  • Look at his proud face. He really enjoys playing this game and I enjoy playing it with him.

    Because he was finding the orange words so easy, we moved on to the purple ones.

    These he didn’t find as easy (to be honest Jack’s ‘encouragement’ didn’t help) some he could get but some were a little trickier. So now when we play, we start with the purple ones and I plan to slowly introduce a few different colours in.

    It’s a very clever game and I love how he sees it as just a fun game but I know it is helping him in so many ways. We’re going to start playing it with Jack next year too.

    I highly recommend this game.

    *I was gifted this game for the purpose of review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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    1. Kim Carberry says:

      This sounds like a fantastic game. Kids seem to learn more when they’re having fun and not thinking about learning x

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