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If you follow my blog and social media you will know by now that I love buying children’s clothes, especially from small businesses. One of those small businesses is Lil’ Cubs I love the bright colours, the styles, the quality and Tabitha who owns Lil’ Cubs is just lovely.

We now have quite a little collection from them. My favourites are their sleepsuits and swaddle muslin’s (we literally use these every single day) so far we have

  • Oranges and lemons Sleepsuit
  • Rainbow Sleepsuit
  • Clouds and Bolts Sleepsuit
  • Rainbow Swaddle Muslin
  • Apple Swaddle muslin



I adore every single item we have. If I had to pick a favourite though, it would be the bolts and lightening sleepsuit


We get complimented every time he wears something from Lil’ Cubs.

The quality is just excellent and I’ve washed all items several times and each time they come out as if they were brand new. The colour and shape stay exactly the same and I’ve washed all in a normal load with the rest of my washing.

I love the fact that each sleepsuit has a zip too because it saves so much time. I hate lots of buttons. The zip is very delicate so it doesn’t rub on babies skin, in fact you can hardly see or feel it.

Jack loves the muslin swaddles and uses them as comfort blankets. We use them every single day, they are used for everything!



I really cant recommend them enough. If you look at my Instagram you will see how much I love them. The colour, style, feel are all outstanding. If you’re having a baby or know someone that is, anything from the range would make a lovely gift. Or Christmas is just around the corner 🙂


*I have been gifted a couple of items but most I have purchased myself. I have not been asked to write a review, I chose to because I love the brand.

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