Little Hand Prints A-Z of Christmas

I love Christmas. We all do in my house. I can’t wait to start getting the Christmas decorations up at the weekend 🙂

We try to make our decorations bigger every year but gradually adding more and we’re always looking for something different too so when we were approached by Little Hand Prints and their A-Z of Christmas poster, I definitely wanted to get involved.

My print arrived really quickly and when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised. It was smaller than I expected but still a good size. The print is on good quality paper and the colours are just perfect. Some companies can make the colours really bright but it can come across a bit too tacky. Or they can be the total opposite and really dull. Little hand prints have got it all just right!

I love all of the A-Z as each one does remind me of Christmas. It’s also a little funny. Harry loves to go through them, his favourite being R is for Rudolph


This print is said to fit perfectly in an ikea picture frame but I don’t live close to an ikea so can’t put it in one yet, but when I’m near one I will get one for it.

It will look fantastic with all my Christmas decorations up

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3 Responses to Little Hand Prints A-Z of Christmas

  1. Catherine says:

    What a beautiful poster to bring out year after year 🙂


  2. Kim Carberry says:

    That is lovely! So pretty x

  3. This is a lovely poster, that I’m sure will become a tradition getting it out and hanging it every year. Our decorations are going up this weekend too – can’t wait to see a pic of yours! Thanks for linking up to #ChristmasCountdown 🙂

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