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Hello all, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are ready for the new year ahead.

This week I am proud of my older two children. They had been acting very spoilt a few months before Christmas and started to just expect certain things. We continued to tell them that they shouldn’t have those kind of attitudes and if they did, we wouldn’t be buying them mobiles for Christmas.

The problem with this was that neither have a phone and haven’t for months because of them breaking. Because it’s winter we haven’t let them out a lot because we couldn’t contact them and vis versa. So really it was a case of them wanting them and needing them. But they continued with the behaviour saying that they knew they would be getting phones even if we say they’re not.

The OH and I were so annoyed with their behaviour that we told them they were not getting phones at all this Christmas and we didn’t want them spoiling the day when they realise they haven’t got them. And we had in our minds that we were not going to get them either. Until a week before Christmas we saw some reasonably priced ones (£59 each) and we felt bad (suckers) plus we know they do need them to feel safe and for us to feel confident letting them out.

But we decided when Christmas day came we were going to make them think they didn’t have them and not give them until Christmas evening. We said if they were miserable, we wouldn’t give them them at all and wait until new year but if they were good we would give them.

I am so pleased to say that they did get to a point in the day when they genuinely thought they hadn’t got them and they were really good and just accepted it and were happy with everything else they got (even though that wasn’t as much as normal because they are more expensive now) I am extremely proud of them for this because I really thought they would act spoilt and ruin the day, but they both surprised us and it was a lovely day. And it was so lovely when we surprised them in the evening with them, they were so excited and happy and I felt they learnt a lesson and appreciated it much more when they thought they weren’t getting one.

Let’s hope it’s the start of something new 🙂




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7 Responses to Loud n proud

  1. Louise says:

    Well done to your older two for handling their disappointment so well and sounds like a good way of teaching them that they can’t always assume that they will automatically get what they want.

  2. sarahmo3w says:

    What a good idea and I’m so pleased for you all that they reacted in that way. No wonder you were proud of them.

  3. Laura says:

    Well done you for lasting out until the evening, and although my children are much younger than yours, I am already starting to see that tough love is needed sometimes. I bet their faces were lovely to see when they got them in the end too 🙂

  4. Aww bless them, I bet they were really chuffed! Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

  5. David Ball says:

    Well done to them and to you!

  6. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    It’s definitely a tricky lesson for children to learn but sounds like you are doing an excellent job. I hope they are appreciating them now! Thanks for linking up to #loudnproud this week 🙂

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