Loud n proud 10/7/14

This week I am proud of all three of my children. Firstly my two eldest children because I recently decided to set up a reward chart for them to help out with chores, you can find the post on it here I was unsure how well it was going to work but so far it is going really well. They both understand that they need to work for their money and they are now asking what jobs they can do! It’s mostly the teen that’s reacted well to it but the tween is better than he was 🙂

Secondly my daughter has made me proud because it was the Tweens 12 birthday last Saturday and she asked if she could bake him a cake by herself. She kept it a secret from him and when he went to bed, she got straight to it. She did a great job and he loved it!


She even cleaned up after herself!

And last but not least I am proud of my toddler. His speech has just grown so much these past few weeks. He’s at the proper gobbledygook stage where he has little conversations with you but you have absolutely no idea what he’s saying 🙂
He does know a whole range of words though and has even started stringing two words together. I love how he now understands that talking is a form of communication. The only way we can change his nappy now though is if we talk to him about his day while he repeats and nods. He’s become our own little parrot lately, I best start watching what I’m saying 🙂

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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6 Responses to Loud n proud 10/7/14

  1. So many things to be proud about! That cake looks great, your daughter did such a brilliant job (and for her brother as well, awwww… love kids!). Our toddler is a bit like yours at the moment. What she says is starting to make sense, so sweet… Mel #Loud&Proud

  2. sarahmo3w says:

    Lots to be proud of there, but I’m particularly impressed with your daughter making that cake – it looks fantastic. And cleaning up after herself? Amazing!

  3. Oh the cake looks fab – what a lovely idea for her to bake one for her brother

  4. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    Sounds like it’s a great effort all round this week! Well done on all account but especially that cake – looks amazing, I but her brother was really chuffed! Thanks for linking up to #loudnproud

  5. What a wonderful week, glad to hear the reward charts are going well. The cake looks wonderful, your daughter is very talented.
    And well done to your toddler, I think as adults we take speaking for granted as it comes so naturally now, but is when you think about rather remarkable

  6. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) says:

    Aww so lovely and really nice your daughter wanted to do something for her brother! Great they are helping you out a bit too 🙂 xx #loudnproud

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