Lovenest – Plagiocephaly Awareness Day


Positional plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) is diagnosed when a baby’s head is flattened at the back or side. It is caused by pressure on the soft skull bones, which have not yet fused, and become moulded into a different shape. This can occur when an infant spends excessive periods of time lying or resting in the same position on their backs; in pushchairs, car seats, bouncers and cribs.

Plagiocephaly affects as many as 47% of babies between 7 and 12 weeks. Preventative treatments recommended by health practitioners focus on repositioning baby’s head as much as possible, to vary the pressure spots on the skull. All too often though, positional plagiocephaly is diagnosed too late, leaving parents to seek out often costly alternatives.

Committed to helping prevent flat head syndrome, Babymoov has worked with a French paediatrician – Dr Maidenberg – to create an affordable, simple solution: the Lovenest (£14.99 RRP). The innovative, ergonomic design, featuring a special incline, ensure pressure is evenly distributed across the infants head, thereby helping maintain the natural curvature of the skull. It also works to ensure good ventilation during sleep and is made from soft, breathable fabrics. Suitable from birth and for use in pushchairs, bouncers, cots and cribs, the Lovenest is available in a range of colours (Blue, Smokey & White) and is suitable from birth to 4m.

We love it! As you can see Jack is quiet happy using it and I think it’s actually made him sleep better. Since using it he feels asleep quicker and sleeps longer. And I have the added bonus that he won’t get plagiocephaly (flat-head syndrome) we’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I would highly recommend it. It’s light so can be taken anywhere to use in different places and it doesn’t move about, it keeps him in 1 place and he stays in it all night. When he is 4 months we plan to get him the 4+ months one. 

Plagiocephaly: The Facts

A baby’s skull is made up of several sections of bone, connected by fibrous joints called sutures, that fuse later in life. During the early months of a child’s life, the skull itself is soft and malleable.

Plagiocephaly (flat-head syndrome) occurs when an infant’s soft skull becomes flattened in one area, due to repeated pressure on that particular part of the head

Many babies develop plagiocephaly by sleeping regularly in one position, or by spending extensive time sitting in the same position in a seat or swing.

Plagiocephaly occurs more often in premature infants whose skulls are even more pliable than other babies. These babies may spend a great deal of time lying down as they receive treatment for other medical complications.

The medical profession now acknowledges that Plagiocephaly is not just aesthetic.

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*This is not a sponsored post. We were gifted a Lovenest for the purposes of review but all opinions are our own.

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