Miioon Ruckjack review update!


I did a post a couple of months ago reviewing a Miioon Ruckjack but because it hadn’t been very cold there was not an awful lot I could say about the actual wearing of the product. But we went on holiday last week and my son wore it every day so here is an update!

Jordan was warm and comfortable in the Ruckjack.  Because it was cold we didn’t get a chance to use it as a rucksack and to be totally honest he is a little embarrassed to wear it as a rucksack (He’s 11) but he does still love it as a coat. Because it is so thick I thought it would become a problem when he wanted to shove it under the pushchair (when we went inside somewhere and he couldn’t be bothered to hold it) because we have a Quinny Zapp xtra so it has a very small basket but the coat folded up really nicely.

If he got anything on it, it was really easy to clean off. Just needed a wet cloth (or a baby wipe in our case) and it just wiped off (no stains)

When it rained it kept him dry and the hood stayed on despite the wind. And when we got back to our chalet it didn’t take a long time to dry the coat out (we’ve had problems of having a soaking wet coat for hours with previous coats) It also didn’t soak the car when he got in wet.

When Jordan wore it for school yesterday his friend said and i quote “That is a well cool coat”  which of course made him like the coat even more 🙂

Here he is modelling it.


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