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Spring Cleaning! I love that word. I am a big fan of a good spring clean because I am a very organised and clean person. Because I have children it’s not easy always having a clean house but Its generally clean most of the time. Not because I’m a neat freak or anything but it genuinely helps my mental health. When the house is organised and clean my mind feels more relaxed.

Obviously I let the kids get all their toys out and generally spread them around like they like to do but as soon as their heads hit their pillows, I pack everything away so I can relax for the rest of the evening.

Some items I love to use are Milton.

Bleach-free formula cleans, disinfects and freshens all surfaces – including kitchen worktops, potties, high chairs, fridges and baby’s changing mat. This 3-in-1 antibacterial spray kills 99.9% of germs including bacteria and fungi, leaving a lovely fresh fragrance.

Kills 99% of germs in seconds with no need for water. Ideal for when you are looking after your baby on the go. Reduces the risk of spreading infection. Non-sticky, it leaves hands feeling fresh and clean, with an added moisturising agent to protect the skin.

Ideal for travel and quick clean ups at home or on the move with baby. Kill 99.9% of germs including bacterial and fungi. Can be used on highchairs, toys, changing mats. Also handy for on the go when using public transport and restaurant toilets. Fragrance free and no need to rinse.

I know it’s not officially spring yet but I must admit I have started already. I have some Milton products for one lucky reader to win. All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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46 Responses to Milton giveaway

  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    Yes! I love a big Spring clean and tackle the kids toys/clothes first – they grow out of them so quickly and I like to donate their ‘no longer worn’ clothes and ‘no longer played with’ toys to charity!

  2. EMMA WALTERS says:

    i love a good clear out of kitchen cupboards!

  3. iain maciver says:

    yes for sure

  4. Stevie says:

    I think swapping the winter bedding to lighter bedding is the first thing I do.

  5. Sue McCarthy says:

    No I can’t be bothered. I will have a blitz once in a blue moon instead.

  6. Andrea Fletcher says:

    I change the throws on my sofa for more summery ones and have a good clear out in the greenhouse.

  7. laura stewart says:

    i always tackle the kitchen first x

  8. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Yes I always start with sorting the kids toys

  9. laura banks says:

    yes we sort the kitchen cupboards first

  10. Lorna Wils says:

    I always start from the bedroom first!!

  11. Lucy says:

    We like to have a spring clean and first we have a big clear out of all the old rubbish we’ve been hoarding first! 🙂

  12. Sheena Batey says:

    I do like a good spring clean and I get the curtains and nets washed.

  13. JULIE WARD says:

    No I don’t spring clean, the first thing I would do is clear my partner out


    I do i usually start at the top floor and work my way down

  15. Amanda Tanner says:

    Definetly the kitchen as themcuboardsnseem to accumulate loads of rubbish.

  16. Keri Jones says:

    I like to start with the kitchen cupboards, then under the stairs x

  17. Andrea Upton says:

    Yes I like to have a spring clean, clearing out cupboards, is probably first on my list

  18. Clare Hubbard says:

    Yes, I start by hoovering behind the sofas!

  19. Karen Barrett says:

    I love cleaning, I also do a Summer, Autumn and Winter deep clean and declutter. I always start at the top of the house and work down, hubby does the outside for me.

  20. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    My spring clean starts with the top of the house have a good clean & declutter

  21. Carole Nott says:

    Not really – i try to keep on top of cleaning jobs all year round

  22. Isabel O says:

    I try and go room by room and make a list so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

  23. Rachel White says:

    I’m a skirting board wiping nutter hehe! And… there is a “behind” to that sofa! !

  24. Sharon Hirst says:

    Yes I like to have a spring clean. Start in the kitchen declutter cupboards and drawers

  25. Sally Collingwood says:

    Yes, I start upstairs and work down

  26. Julie says:

    I always do the Windows first.

  27. Rebecca Hart says:

    I always start with the kitchen!

  28. sheri Darby says:

    I start in the kitchen and work outwards

  29. Sarah Austin says:

    I don’t like a spring clean but occasionally when I do I start with my wardrobe!

  30. rebecca smith says:

    i love a big spring clean i always start with the kids toys first

  31. carol boffey says:

    Windows first

  32. Kim Neville says:

    Yes it is nice having a spring clean of my kids clothes and toys first, then going through room by room

  33. mel temple says:

    I clean all the time and tend to bottom one room at at time. I do have ocd with the kitchen tops though as I have 3 cats and am constantly spraying and cleaning with anti bac.

  34. AnnaS says:

    Yes,Kitchen first.

  35. Leanne Hansell says:

    I do not like spring cleaning!

  36. Alastair Pert says:

    Not a huge fan really… probably do the oven or bathroom first.

  37. Carla Carthy says:

    spring clean empty kitchen cupboards then the cooker that’s the worst blah 🙂

  38. sharon martin says:

    i do try to have a hge spring clean , usually start with the kitchen and work my way through from there

  39. HGutowsk says:

    Start at the top of the house, and work my way down.

  40. Michelle Wild says:

    Skirting boards.

  41. Sarah Saunders says:

    I love a good spring clean…. the first thing I do is sent the hubby off with the kids or it will never be clean 🙂 xx

  42. tina edwards says:

    I love a good spring clean, I start downstairs and work my way up

  43. Natalie Crossan says:

    I clear out all the clothes that don’t fit my daughter anymore, some of my old clothes and old toys first x

  44. Tee Simpson says:

    Yes I do. Infact I started today
    I cleared the loft of old rubbish we dont need

  45. Tee Simpson says:

    Yes I do. Infact I started today
    I cleared the loft of old rubbish we dont need.

  46. Adrian Bold says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever spring cleaned in my life. The idea of doing a main top to bottom clean once a year is silly. Clean regularly!

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