Mini Meadows Farm with Jack

On Tuesday 14th May myself and Jack headed to Mini Meadows Farm with his preschool. He has been asking daily for weeks so I was so happy I could finally say “yes, it’s today!”. First we headed to his preschool to get on the coach (Jack’s favourite bit by a mile)

When we got there we were offered the option to buy food for the animals. We chose to and I’m so glad we did. It was £2 and you receive a bucket with colour coded cups inside with different food. On the bucket there is a list of what coloured cup is for which animals.

Then you make your way around. My favourites were the tiny bunnies and baby goats.

Some animals like the rabbits and guinea pigs where you an enter their pens and touch them

Jack was very nervous with all of the animals but got braver as the day went on

Until a goat pinched the cup from his hands haha

He wasn’t so keen after that. They also have a really lovely play area outside.

And a lovely big indoor soft play area.

They also have a lovely cafe for food and drink. We took our own but we did buy some homemade Victoria sponge which was delicious (so good I didn’t take a photo because I was busy scoffing it)

I’m amazed that entry is only £5 each, it’s a bargain for what you get.

I highly recommend if you’re near.

*I paid for this trip as it was a preschool trip but I just wanted to share because it was so good.

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