#MorrisonsMum Challenge


I was recently selected to be a MorrisonsMum and given £80 Morrisons vouchers to shop at Morrison’s this bank holiday weekend and blog about it. So here it is….

First of all the experience:

I felt it couldn’t have been any better. So many positives!

1) As soon as you walk in you spot bargains



2) The aisles are a perfect size. Not too small like some supermarkets but also not too big that you can’t see both sides easily



3) Well placed signs. We found everything we needed with ease. I also loved how some of the signs made your shopping trip quicker and easier. For instance if you wanted wine, they had signs to show where all the white wines under £5, red wines under £8 etc were. Fab!


4) Well stacked and stocked shelves with great variety


5) Easily identified staff. We’ve all had those moment’s where we’ve asked a stranger where something is and they don’t work there. But there was no mistaking who the Morrison’s staff were.


First off we went around the Market St which I think is a brilliant idea.


You have


fresh fruit and veg

Deli counter


Fresh to go (which I sampled and was lovely. So much variety)


And many more. All very fresh but without the massive price tag 🙂


What we ate!

On Saturday we took a picnic out for the day with us


This is the only photo I got because I put some of the stuff out, got distracted with Harry, came back and they had all started eating it! 


We had….

Ham sandwiches (bread 50p/ Ham £1.85)

Strawberries (99p)

Coleslaw (30p)

Salad (lettuce 49p/ cucumber 49p/ tomatoes 82p)

Cocktail Sausages (£1)

Pork Pie (£1)

Scotch Egg (31p)

Prawn Shells crisps- sharing bag (70p)

Apples (99p)

Bananas (£1)

Mr Kiplings Battenburg cake (£1)

McVitie’s Penguins (74p)

Whitworths Raisins (99p)


If you were to take all of these items for larger groups it would cost £12.83

As a family of five we didn’t use all of it, what we did use I totalled to £7.64

I think that is a great price for a family day out because we had a big lunch and enough snacks for later in the day 🙂


On Easter Monday we had a pork roast dinner


It was so yummy and the roast potatoes were the best we have ever had!

We had no complaints from the kids 🙂


We had…..

Pork (£3.77)

Roast potatoes and mash (potatoes in 3 for £1.50)

Carrots (in the 3 for £1.50)

Cabbage (80p) (you could have had broccoli which was in the 3 for £1.50)

Bisto gravy granules (£1.25)

Peas (we had them already but can be purchased from Morrisons for 89p)

For all 5 of us to eat, after I calculated what we used it cost £5.79

Amazing! It cost’s that much for 1 child to eat in a restaurant.


So after all of this I will definitely recommend Morrisons. I am going back to get my next weeks shopping to see if my experience is the same and to see how much I can get a regular shop for.



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