Mr Nutcase personalised phone case review!

About a year ago I got a great case from Mr Nutcase for my iPhone. It has been great and got many people noticing and asking where I got it. unfortunately with a toddler and me being a pregnant clutz, it started to get chipped around the top so stopped looking as good. So I decided I needed a new one, and of course thought to go to Mr Nutcase again but this time I chose the executive flip leather style because I thought that may stand up to drops.

Firstly the delivery was super fast! I ordered it on a Thursday evening and it was delivered Saturday morning! I think if I had ordered it in the day, it would have come the next day.

It was so easy to design and order. You just choose your device, what design you would like and then add photo’s from Facebook, Instagram or your computer. The hardest part is choosing which photo’s to use.

The flip case only has the option of one side being printed which at first I didn’t like the sound of but actually it does look OK and I think double sided would be too much.



The photo quality is brilliant! It’s obviously not super clear because it’s printed on leather but I think they look really good and everyone I’ve shown the case to think it looks great too.


I also love the little touches like felt on the inside of the case so it’s gentle on my phone while inside


I’ve never had a flip case before so I thought it would irritate me. The first day it didn’t irritate me but it was weird to use. But it’s been almost a week now and it’s perfect. I can also confirm that I have dropped it a few times and my phone has stayed in tac and the case still looks good 🙂 If you look on the above photo, the case does have a crack in it but it was the way I took my phone out of the case, in fact I was surprised I didn’t break it!

Cases start from just £14.95 and they have a whole range of devices and designs.


*I was given this case for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.

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