My Baker Days Christmas Cake Review and Competition!

I love Christmas and I love cake so when I was approached by Baker days if I would like to try one of their letterbox Christmas cakes how could I say no?

This is what Baker days say about their cakes…..

“Letterbox Cakes 3-4 portions
5 inch cakes (12cm x 2.5cm)

Cunningly clever little cakes for one or two of you. This small, perfectly proportioned cake is the baby of our family. It’s the thoughtful gift that will totally delight a loved one. This brilliant cake, as it’s name suggests, can arrive through the post, just like a Birthday card. Cakes by post, it’s the future!”


I chose the Christmas Robins and holly Cake and I must say If I’m honest I wasn’t really expecting much. But when it arrived I was so impressed! It is lovely!

When I opened up the box I was presented with a lovely pale blue round tin, a mini cracker and a little Christmas card 🙂 I think these little details are lovely to receive when you order from a company.

The tin I must say was quite hard to open, but I like to know that it’s not going to open in transit. When I eventually got it open I was greeted with a beautiful cake. The design is just perfect and far better than I imagined!

I had the word ‘Merry Christmas all the best on this special holiday’ but the cakes can be personalised with wording of your choice.

I  had a letterbox gift cake priced at £14.99 (a bargain in my honest opinion) but you can also order lots of other different sizes.

My cake was Chocolate Chip Sponge Cake made only with Belgian chocolate (F.Y.I the smell is amazing) but they have lots of other flavours including..

Sponge Cake – £o.oo extra

Fruit Cake – £2.00 extra

Gluten Wheat Free Cake – £3.50 extra

Dairy Free Cakes – £3.50 extra

The cakes last for 2-3 weeks (haha would love to know anyone that would keep it that long) and need to be stored in a cool dry place, but not the fridge and they are not suitable for freezing.

Now the taste challenge! It pained me to cut the cake (I wanted to keep it forever) but I know it had to be done.

IT WAS SO YUMMY! I mean seriously so soft and spongy. They taste so fresh and not as if they have travelled miles. The balance of sponge and icing is perfect. Some cakes can have too much of one and not the other, but not this cake. The icing tastes like icing but has the consistency of  marshmallow. I had no complaints from the family, take a look for yourself……

And now the exciting bit.  Bakerdays have kindly offered another cake for you to win 🙂 You can choose a Christmas cake of your choice. If you would like to win one, then enter the rafflecopter below, good luck!



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26 Responses to My Baker Days Christmas Cake Review and Competition!

  1. traceypeach says:

    So many beautiful Christmas Cakes! I would choose the Let’s Make A Snowman Cake xxx

  2. iz010101 says:

    I like the Jolly Owls cake it’s cute.

    Isabel O’Brien

  3. frances hopkins says:

    Christmas cake x

  4. Maria P says:

    Christmas Bauble Cake

  5. Natalie Crossan says:

    Christmas Cake 🙂

  6. Hannah says:

    Looks fab! I would have to choose fruit cake as it is nearly Christmas!

  7. That cake looks seriously delicious, and so convenient that it’s delivered to your door. I love a nice Christmas themed cake but rarely have time to make one, so I will definitely add this to my list of things to buy this Christmas. Sounds like a bargain! #ChristmasCountdown

  8. ashleigh allan says:

    I would choose one of the christmas cakes – i like the snowman one!

  9. clair downham says:

    i like the lets build a snowman one thankyou

  10. Monica Gilbert says:

    I like the Festive Word Tree.

  11. Csilla says:

    I would choose the Christmas Delivery cake.

  12. Lucy Bishop says:

    I’d choose the love hearts one!

  13. becky says:

    I would choose any! Because omg these cakes are amazeballs! Soooooooo yummy! So thought i would have a cheeky entry! #whynot (a special hashtag just for you Sharon as I know you love them so much!!!) X

  14. David Ball says:

    Looks lovely! None left I take it?

  15. Claire Hull says:

    I would choose the christmas greetings ice snowman cake

  16. I really like the holly and robin cake 🙂

  17. kayleigh Bates says:

    I love the snowman

  18. Millie says:

    If i was the lucky winner I would chose the Chocolate Chip Sponge Cake :o)

  19. booklover83 says:

    would have to be a frozen one !

  20. Amanda jaggard says:

    Wow what fabulous cakes! I’d totally pick the robins cake in chocolate chip. Can’t beat a chocolate chip cake x

  21. clair brown says:

    it would have to be the christmas ice princesses for my daughter

  22. Ceri Sell says:

    I love the Snowflake Bauble Cake 🙂

  23. Kiran Parry says:

    The snowman one please

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