My Best Tips for Teaching your Child to Read

  • I think reading reading with your child is one of the most frustrating and rewarding things as parent. I love watching them grow and getting more confident with reading but it can be incredibly frustrating at times. I have successfully helped teach two children to read and am currently helping Harry so have managed to pick up a few tips that I thought would share.
    1. Let them pick what they’re reading
    1. Tell them how much they’re going to read. For instance I say to Harry “just these two pages tonight”
    2. Praise praise praise. I say lots of “well done” “fantastic” and he particularly likes when he knows a few words together so reads them quickly and I act really surprised at how good he is at reading.
      Daily reading. I think reading daily helps hugely. I make it part of our daily routine so it doesn’t feel like homework. It’s better for them and as I see him improve daily, it makes me enjoy it more too.
      When you read to your children, read whilst tracing your finger along the words. If it’s a story they know, try to encourage them to read it with you.
  • Do you have any tips?
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