My favourite Roald Dahl books 

I am a bookworm, I have always been a bookworm. And the main books that got me into reading were Roald Dahl books. The humourus, creative and unique style that Roald Dahl writes in is hard not to love. 

I love all of the books but if I had to pick my Top 5 it would be 

  1. The Twits
  2. George’s Marvellous Medicene
  3. The BFG 
  4. Matilda
  5. James and the Giant Peach

My love for the books have, I’m happy to say also followed through to my children. Both teenagers loved me reading the books to them and as they grew, eventually reading the books alone. 

Now Harry is 5 he’s been enjoying watching a few of the films and when I told him they were all books, he was interested in reading some and bedtime. I would love to but for a 5 year old the books are a bit too long for bedtime (and he wasn’t happy with a few chapters a night) so I told him the stories from memory (whilst shortening them) and he has loved it! 

Since Wednesday 13th September McDonald’s has introduced a magical Roald Dahl book in to each Happy Meal served over the next 5 weeks. Each book in the series focuses on a different character from three of Roald Dahl’s best-loved stories: Matilda, The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The project comes as part of McDonald’s #HappyReaders initiative, which aims to increase book ownership amongst children and encourage both parents and children to find the joy in reading!

These books are fantastic for Harry. They bring the wonderful Stories from Roald Dahl’s collection but in a much smaller book so perfect for a bedtime story for us! We’ve read 4 of the books so far and have loved each one. 

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