My favourite summer clothes for boys from Next

I am a huge fan of Next clothes. They always have something I like in and they wash and wear really well. I do find some things can be a tad expensive but you can pick up some reasonably priced items too and I have my picked my favourite pieces below 🙂



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6 Responses to My favourite summer clothes for boys from Next

  1. Shan says:

    These are really cute! I find boys clothing so boring and not much colour or variety compared to girls! Defo be getting the star shirt for G!

  2. Next do some gorgeous clothes but seem to be creeping up in price for some bits! I do like the sale and it’s good to buy stuff the next size up for the following year!

  3. Jenni says:

    These are all so cute. I really love the stars on the two jumpers. Gorgeous!

  4. Laura Dove says:

    Ooh you can’t beat Next for cute summer outfits! I love that they have so many different styles and colours!

  5. My son has the Cool like Mama tee and I just love the little shoes will have to check these out!

  6. We were in there today and I could have spent a ruddy fortune!!!

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