My kids are driving me insane!

The title just says it all really. My kids are driving me insane (well 2 out of 3 are!) They have just suddenly got right pain’s. And before I list the pains, I should probably mention it’s not all bad. They do behave a lot too. I don’t worry about taking them anywhere, I’m always complimented on what lovely children they are and they both confide in me about everything! Now a lot of the reasons I give to them being pains,some people will probably think its not that bad. But please try and remember I have these things ALL THE TIME!


1) My son is going to be sharing a room with his little brother but constantly treats it as his own and dumps all his stuff on Harry’s changing station.


2) When we allow Courtney to go out with friends we specify a time home but every time she calls to ask for an extension. Every time the answer NO!


3) Both of them have to answer back to everything or the horrible “why?” Brush your teeth “why?” It’s bed time “why?” We’re going out “why?” (You get the idea)


4) Stealing! It’s never anything like £10 notes out my purse, just little things like sweets that we’ve left somewhere or a bit of change here and there, it’s not a lot it’s more the fact they are stealing and at age 12 and 10 they should know better! We feel like we can’t leave anything about.


5) Lying! It’s usually about the above but I absolutely hate lying. And when it’s two of them, how do I know which one did it?


6) They are hungry all the time! We give them a big dinner and as soon as they’ve eaten it, we hear “can I have….?” And sometimes it’s before I’ve even finished my dinner!


7) The strops! The “you just don’t understand” or “I’m going to kill myself” or “my life is over” all followed nicely with a slam of the door! So all you mum’s and dad’s that moan about your toddlers tantrums, please remember you are at the nice stage. I would quite welcome a toddler tantrum right now, it is far easier than a pre-teen strop!

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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