My labour worries 

I am so scared! I know labour is scary and worrying anyway for women and being my fourth child you would think I would be a bit more relaxed this time but in fact, I’m more scared than I was with my last one! I am so scared because I had so many difficulties through my pregnancy, I was visiting the hospital weekly (sometimes more than once) and eventually 3 weeks before Harry was due, I went in and was told I had pre-eclampsia and would be induced the next day! I was terrified!

I am scared that all may happen again but the birth I am particularly scared about. Because I was induced 3 weeks before my due date and Harry was obviously not ready, it resulted in me being in labour for 30 hours and a big chunk of that I was unable to move because I had a drip on. Not being able to move freely through labour is torture.

And it didn’t all stop once I’d had him! (sorry TMI coming up) because I had blood clots that had to be removed by hand and then I was put on another drip for a few hours that resulted in me staying in one position again. It really was not a nice experience and I really don’t want it repeating.

Yes it wasn’t the worst that could have happened and how I’ve written it down maybe doesn’t make it sound that bad but it was and I am really scared. Just because it wasn’t as bad as many other labours, it doesn’t then make it fine.

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  1. Pregnancy and birth isn’t all it is cracked up to be for many of us. I pray this labour goes really well for you and that you can feel peaceful about it. Mich x

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