My Letter From Santa Claus Review!

Christmas is a huge deal in our house. The OH and myself are big kids at Christmas Time and have been known on numerous occasions to wake up the kids on Christmas Day 🙂

We try to decorate the house a little bit better every year (we don’t do the cover the house thing though) and we love our little traditions. One of the traditions we love is receiving a letter from Santa so when I was asked if I would like to review one, I jumped at the chance, I’ve never been so excited to review something.

My Letter from Santa Claus have letters starting from £2.69 but I was asked to review their premium letter at £5.69 (with free delivery)
The order process was really easy. Just a few simple questions and a simple step by step


I have three children but decided to order a letter for Harry (2 years)

The letter didn’t take long from ordering to receiving it. Under a week.

When the letter arrived I was so excited! I was going to do a positive/negative list but I love every single part of it. The letter came addressed to me in a white envelope. I opened and there was a letter to me, like an invoice and a little peek at what is in Harry’s letter. In the envelope is also a red envelope with Harry’s name on

photo_4 (33)

I like that I could just leave it somewhere in the House for Harry to see, as if Santa left it for him, or I could put it through the letter box.

On the reverse the letter is sealed with a traditional real wax stamp. I thought this was a lovely authentic touch.

photo_2 (58) photo_3 (46)

Opening the letter my first reaction was that the paper is very good quality. It feels thick and not easily ripped. The colour was like old parchment paper making it very authentic and like it had come from Santa himself.

The contents of the letter is fantastic. When we have ordered letters before, they have always felt very generic and not personal at all but our letter from My Letter from Santa felt very personal.

It included things like, Santa spotted our cat’s present being wrapped, but he can’t tell us what it is or it would ruin the surprise. And also mentioned that Harry had started pre-school but unlike the usual “And I hear you …………” (where you can tell they are all written the same but just your chosen word from the list is added) No this letter has that he started and has made lots of friends and all his teachers have said what a joy it is to have him there with them 🙂 It also says that the elves have given Santa his map for Christmas and that he will be starting in Harry’s village!

Not only does the envelope contain this letter it also has a certificate for Harry to congratulate him for being on the nice list!

photo_1 (59)

And it doesn’t end there as there is a third piece of paper with a Santa stop here colouring sheet.

photo_2 (59)

I think what you get is worth far more than £5.69. I would even happily pay for postage but that is free, amazing! I would highly recommend these and I will be visiting My letter from Santa Claus every year from now on. They feel personal, Authentic and are excellent quality.

Letters are available for delivery in the UK, Ireland and USA.


This is not a sponsored post.  I was sent this letter for the purposes of this review but all words and opinions are my own. 


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3 Responses to My Letter From Santa Claus Review!

  1. familyfever says:

    We had one of these too, I loved the wax stamp and how personal they were. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    So magical…..I love things like this for my girls even though my eldest doesn’t believe anymore x

  3. Colette B says:

    It looks fabulous – really well thought out 🙂 I love the wax seal!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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