My little secret

So I have been keeping a little secret from you all….


I am happy, sad, scared, terrified, worried, shocked, nervous, delighted and all the emotions in between.

I was really really poorly with Harry so it’s likely I will be this time, which terrifies me.

The older kids first reaction was not good. They were really worried about me and didn’t want to see me go through all of that again, but now we have chatted more about it, they have come around and are getting excited 🙂

Tom (OH) is really excited! This is our 4th child but his second. All the kids call and see him as dad and he loves them all equally but this is the second baby from the beginning, so he’s really excited. He’s obviously worried about me too 🙂

I am only 8 weeks and already all has not gone smoothly. I am on Ramipril for high blood pressure, I have been since having Harry but they started to make me really ill, I couldn’t get out of bed one day because I just wanted to pass out every time I got up, so I went to the doctors and they told me to instantly stop taking them (I had two days previously because I knew they were not doing me any good) because they are harmful in pregnancy 🙁 so now I have to visit the doctors weekly to keep an eye on my blood pressure, as well as keeping a check at home.

I also visited my midwife this week and have been told from 12 weeks I will need to be on Aspirin. I need two GTT because I had gestational diabetes with harry and I will need to see the midwife more times that usual. And I will be referred to the hypertension team soon.

I have decided to tell you all early because I am off to Britmums very soon and there is no way I can hide my bump, it’s huge!

IMG_0087 (1)

See? 🙂



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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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41 Responses to My little secret

  1. Emma Shilton says:

    Oh many congratulations, what lovely news. Looking forward to hearing all about your pregnancy xx

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh Congrats!! I am so excited for you!
    I hope you feel better soon xxx

  3. Notmyyearoff says:

    Wow congratulations!! Hope you have a really smooth sailing pregnancy this time xm

  4. Leandra says:

    Congratulations!! Such lovely news, I hope things aren’t quite as bad as you are preparing for and that you have a fab time at britmums xx

  5. Huge congratulations and such lovely news Sharon. I hope your health is ok in this pregnancy and you look after yourself 🙂 xx

  6. Kelly finn says:

    Eeeeek Oh my goodness how exciting! Massive congratulations doll and remember, you have us lot to moan at if feeling rubbish. And moaning always makes you feel better xxx

  7. Aww congrats! Wish you all the best =)

  8. Eeeeee I’m so pleased for you congrats! Xxx

  9. WOAH!!!! Firstly your bump is gorgeous already, secondly I am so very jealous, thirdly you are SO SNEAKY!! And finally I wish you love, luck and good health for the rest of your pregnancy. Wonderful news, congratulations. xxxx

  10. Sharon Smith says:

    Many congratulations Sharon so happy for you all xxxxx

  11. Awww lovely news, congrats!! Hope to bump in to you at Britmums xx

  12. Louisa says:

    Massive congratulations! xx

  13. David Ball says:

    Really pleased for you Babe! It’s been a joy having Harry today we have both loved it! Can’t wait for next week! xx

  14. Donna says:

    Oh I have been crossing my fingers we’d see an announcement like this at some point!!! YAY!!!! Congrats xx

  15. Ahh it’s public!! I don’t have to worry about keeping my mouth shut there’s no way you’d hide that bump lady xx

  16. Nikki Fraser says:

    Oh wow congratulations 🙂 maybe there is more then one in there? 🙂 I hope this pregnancy goes smoothly and everything calms down soon x

  17. Huge congratulations lovely. Amazing news. Hope to meet you at Britmums. Xxx

  18. I read this last night & never commented – oooops! Congrats again darl. I’ll drink your share of booze at BritMums! See you next weeeeeek horny pregnant lady xxx

  19. Clearlybex says:

    Congratulations to you all. Wishing you the smoothest pregnancy possible! X

  20. Kara says:

    Oh wow – congratulations!!! I had GD three times and I promise it’s easier to manage as you pretty much know what you are doing xxx

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