My Perfect Garden

When we moved into this house everything needed renovating and that even included the garden. Obviously for us the main feature was the house but now it’s starting to get a little warmer, we’re thinking how we would like to create the perfect garden for us as a family of six. I’m not one for gardening so like items like artificial grass for ease. But Tom however is very green fingered and can do anything.

We are quite lucky in the size of our garden. It’s not the biggest but it’s also not the  smallest. We certainly have enough room for everything we would like to do. We don’t really want to have a garden that’s just one feature, we’d like lots of features like;

  • A Patio Area
  • A vegetable patch
  • Kids play area
  • A grassed area
  • Lots of storage

I know that’s quite a lot from a garden but I think it’s achievable from the space we have. I think it’s important to have a space to relax and enjoy your garden and to be ‘one with nature’ but to also have a safe area to keep the children happy and entertained , which in turn lets you relax.

A vegetable patch is to teach the children about gardening and where food comes from. As I’ve said before Tom is very green fingered and luckily the children have followed him in that aspect. We did have an allotment and they loved to help there but we’d much prefer our on space now. It also saves us some money on our shopping bill and everything always tastes better homegrown.

Storage is a must for us. As a family of six we obviously have lots of items, that also extends to outside. We have garden furniture, bikes, garden toys, tools and the list goes on. We would like a shed for all the items listed above and Tom would like a shed/workshop. He loves to work on new projects and mostly does them outside but he’d also like the opportunity to do them in bad weather too.

A children’s play area. I like the children to have a safe area that’s just for the them so it’s easier to keep an eye on more than one child and once and you know they’re safe even if you have to pop indoors to check dinner or go to the toilet.

A patio area. This is a must for me because as much as it’s nice to have an area for the children, they do eventually have to go to bed and in the summer it’s still light once they’re asleep so it’s still nice to sit out in the garden. I want an area that is calm and soothing and I can just enjoy the peace for a little while. Also would like it to be large enough for entertaining for those summer garden parties.

As well as all those areas I’d like to squeeze in some plants and flowers because they brighten up a garden and encourage wildlife.

Bird/bug houses and feeders because we like taking care of our wildlife and its good for the children.

Solar lights and ornaments for finishing touches.

So that is everything we would like to achieve. When we get started on this big project I will update you with how the progress is going through blog posts and Instagram Stories.

What have you done in your garden? Are you planning to start a big project?

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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  1. I would love artificial grass in our garden as ours is mainly decked and paving slabs. I really miss looking out onto a green lawn but the grass kept dying x

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