My top 4 celeb crushes

So I was tagged By Amy over at MummyandTheBoy in this meme to list my top 5 celebrity crushes. I found this really difficult at first because to be honest I usually dislike more actors than like 🙂 But once I thought about it, I started to get into my stride! The only thing is I tend to like the characters they play rather than the actual actors, but here goes 🙂


1) Chris Hemsworth


I mean have you seen Thor? Phwarrr! #ThatIsAll



2) Vin Diesel


I have liked him since watching The Fast And The Furious in 2001. Iv’e just Googled him for a pic and I must say he looks a bit dodgy in some, but I still like him 🙂



3) Johnny Depp


Now I don’t think I need to explain this one, I mean it’s Johnny Depp!



4) Chris Evans


Like I said at the beginning I like him mostly for the character he play’s I.e Captain America and Fantastic Four!



5) Gerard Butler


I only starting liking Gerard last year (only because I didn’t know him before then) But his accent, rugged features, his bad boy image, need I say more?



I tag @TheMotherGeek and @TwoLittlePaines If you ladies would like to join in 🙂


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