My trip to A&E

Friday evening the OH went off to work, Harry was in bed, the teen was at a sleepover so the tween and I decided to watch a film in bed together and eat a bacon sandwich. All was fine for about 20 minutes and then my tongue started to tingle and then it started to swell up, shortly after my throat started to get tight, making it difficult to breath and swallow. I tried not to panic my son because hes a worrier. I was texting the OH with my concerns but because of myPanic attack a few weeks ago he just assumed it was another one and told me to try and sleep and calm down. I put my son to bed and for a few hours just put up with it until I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning I felt ok so come lunchtime the OH made me another bacon sandwich and again 20 minutes later I felt the same way as the night before with my tongue swelling and throat tightening but this time it felt a lot worse. But being a Saturday the doctor was closed so I called the emergency doctor. I explained it again to them and they sent out an ambulance for me. The ambulance came within minutes! He checked my obs and said I may need a shot of adrenaline but because my heart rate was already fast he didn’t think it best he did it yet. I was taken to the hospital in the ambulance on my own. My OH had to wait at home with the kids until my Dad and Step mum came to watch the kids. When we got to the hospital the fire alarm was going off (really bloody loud) so I had to wait in the ambulance for about 10 minutes. When we got in the hospital I had a whole hour of standing (i was given a wheel chair after about 30 minutes) in the corridor with the awful fire alarm going off! Then I was put in the waiting room where I eventually met the OH where it was a further 20 minute wait before I was seen by a doctor. By this time I had managed to get through the worst of it and it was all just a little bit swelled when he checked me. I was given 7 tablets and a prescription for another 7 tablets for the next day (yes I have to pay almost £8 for one days worth of tablets) and I was told to not take my Ramipril that I have for Hypertension because they can make a reaction worse. And I have got to see my doctor on Monday.

I must say the paramedics were fantastic and when I was eventually seen by the doctor he was very good too but the service in between was a little poor but they clearly were very busy. I don’t want to knock them as the fire alarm was not there fault and neither was them being busy.

(We suspect it was the Aldi ketchup that gave me a reaction)

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