My two pre teens answer questions

Iv’e been looking through my post’s and I thought to myself that I write mostly negatives about my two pre-teens and I write more about Harry. So I thought why not ask them a few random questions and blog about it! Sounds simple right? Well I didn’t think about some of the answers I might get back though did I? I’m a little embarrassed at some of the answers they gave but I said I would always be honest, so here goes. Please remember they are only children HeHe


1) Name?

C) Courtney

J)   Jordan

2) Age?

C) 12


3) The five best

things about yourself?

C)  My boobs, hair,eyes

good at drawing, hips and personality

J) I’m funny, awesome, good at drawing

and good on a scooter

4) How much pocket money

do you think you should get?

C) £10 a week

J) £5 a week

5) Favourite food?

C) Chicken curry

J) Sweet and sour chicken

6) Favourite drink?

C) Fanta twist

J) Milk

7) Favourite musicians?

C) One direction, lawson & olly murs

J) Skrilex, nicki minaj &

armin van burren

8) What do you think

makes a good friend?

C) Nice, funny & truthful

J) nice, kind, generous & thoughtful

9) What 2 things do you

think we should do more?

C) Girlie time & swimming

J) Bike rides & going for walks

10) Do you believe in heaven?

C) No

J) No

11) Do you think girls look

better with or without makeup?

C) With

J) With

12) How much time a day

should a child watch tv?

C) An hour

J) Two hours

13) What do you think is the

right age for marriage?

C) 30

J) 25

14) What would you do if

you were invisible for a day?

C) *giggles* Scare people

J) Steal from shops

15) favourite item of


C) Shoes

J) Chinos


Ok that’s them all! I told you some were shocking! I can’t believe some of the answers they gave. But I did ask them to answer truthful so what did I expect? At least it’s given me an insight into some of the ways they think and maybe a few things I need to change.

What do you think your children would answer with? Why don’t you ask them? If you do I would love to hear some of them, they might make me feel better 🙂

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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