The New Bubble Monster from JOHNSONS

Bubble Monsters
When JOHNSON’S® Bubble Baby Bath & Wash comes into contact with warm running bath water something magical happens – the Bubble Monsters ‘appear’!
These imaginary fun and colourful characters’ love bath time, frolicking in the soapy bubbles and splashing water all over the bathroom floor.
The Bubble Monsters are four special friends, each with their own personality, but something they all love is playing in a bubbly bubble bath. Look for them next time you have a bubble bath.

  • Splashy Sammy
  • Gentle George
  • Messy Meggy
  • Bubbly Bo

Ever had trouble getting your children to have a bath? 3 of mine are water babies but our baby Jack hates the water! These wont work on him at the moment because he cant understand but when he’s a little older, these bottles with the little monsters on will make bath time fun and hopefully he will start to enjoy it. Harry loves bath time anyway but he loves these bottles! We always use JOHNSONS products but their bottles are a little boring and he always feels like he’s using Jack’s products. But with this it feels like his own special bubble bath.

This is different to the usual baby bath. It smells just as lovely but this one definitely makes a lot more bubbles, it’s brilliant!



*We were sent a bottle for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.

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