My new love…..geocaching 

I was first introduced to geocaching through snapchat. One of my favourite people to watch was very often going geocaching and I thought it looked really fun but didn’t know where to begin. Also she lives in the USA so I thought it may just be an American thing.

Then a few other snapchatters started to do it and I soon discovered that not only was it worldwide but also that it was as simple as downloading a free app!

So I downloaded the app and got searching! The app is free and there are plenty of geochaches to find but you can also pay some money through the app to unlock even more. It’s £4.99 a month or £24.99 for a year. I’m going to upgrade and pay the £24.99 because there are loads around me that still need discovering.

Anyway let me explain what geocaching is. It is basically like a treasure hunt. Different geochaches are hidden in lots of different places and you have to try and locate them (without making it obvious to people around) and log in. There will always be some paper to write on to log that you’ve found it and you can log it on your app.

The geocaches can come in all different shapes and forms. Some are very very little

Others are small but easier to spot

And some are large and contain little items (called swag) for you to do little swaps with.

I was the one that started it (in my family) and made everyone come along but since we’ve started finding some, they’ve all started to get into it (even though they won’t admit it) and as much as it pains me to say, Tom has become the geocaching king (which he boasts very loudly considering he doesn’t like it haha) and if I struggle to find one, you can guarantee he will find it. I once went to find a particular one 4 times (twice with someone else) and I just couldn’t find it. Tom went and found it within minutes!

Some people like Tom just take to it really quickly but I did struggle at first but have started to get the hang of it now and can find them a lot easier. Because not all will be obvious, in fact some are really hard! For example yesterday we (Tom) found one yesterday and it was a nut and bolt stuck to a metal fence! It just looked as if it should be there and nothing out of the ordinary.

We’ve now found 24 and can’t wait to find more. Do you like geocaching? How many have you found?

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