Niioon bake your own cookie cutter review!


Niion are a new brand and they pride themselves on being fun and a little bit different. One of their products is the Bake Your Own Boyfriend cookie cutter which we were kindly sent to review.

It is such a fun and unique idea. Great for birthday gifts, hen nights, girlie nights in or just for a bit of fun 🙂

I made mine with my teenage daughter. We had so much fun!



My daughter wants to make them with her friends when she next has a sleepover 🙂

First of all we made the cookies with the recipe provided on the back of the packaging.



It’s such an easy recipe, I let Courtney make them by herself while I sat watching 🙂


When we had made them we started rolling it out ( I say we but Courtney did almost all of it) 


and then on to using the cookie cutter and making our boyfriends 🙂 


One thing we loved was that the cookie cutter is flexible so you could shape your boyfriend slightly different every time. 


This is also where the real fun started! OH said it was funny listening to us because he was hearing “Mum you’ve broken his leg off” and “No that one is my boyfriend” 

When our boyfriends were cooked we let them cool. Unfortunately we lost a few men in the making



but I reckon they would have been cheaters and liars so its all good :-]

When they were cooled we got to work on pimping them up!


We may have even had a few naughty giggles 😉 


It was hilarious making them up because were not the greatest of artists. 

I finished first with my hunk



Wouldn’t you just want to date him? Green hair and all 🙂 

And Courtney’s


Hubba hubba! 

And I can confirm, they tasted yummy!



I would definitely recommend this cookie cutter, they are so much fun! I would love to receive one as a gift. I’m going to buy a few and put them with some ingredients in a basket for birthday gifts. My Daughter wants to get her friends some as Christmas presents.

For £3.60 I think they are a bargain. If you would like one, you can via Amazon


This is not a sponsored post. I was sent this item to review but all words and opinions are my own. 


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