No more dry skin with Aveeno


My teen daughter has always had sensitive skin but last year she started to get eczema too. We’ve tried a few things to help her with it, but so far nothing has helped. We tried changing washing powder, deodorant’s and soaps. We tried lots of different creams and all sorts but nothing made it better.

Until we were sent some Aveeno creams. We were sceptical because we had already tried different creams and they didn’t work or when they did it was just for an hour or so. But I am so pleased to announce that Aveeno has been the best thing ever! She is no longer itching or soar, in fact when she uses it regularly you wouldn’t even know she had eczema.


We started out by using it just when she got an outbreak but now we use it daily because that way she never has an outbreak. I’m really lucky that she’s not really young and see’s putting cream on as a pain as  YouGov AVEENO® Skin Stories Study, 2014 shows


  • 48% of surveyed mums agree that their child does not enjoy their emollient routine (n=367)
  • 46% of mums stated that their child doesn’t like using creams or lotions (n=595)
  • And 51% of mums say that they would find advice on how to develop an enjoyable dry, eczema-prone skin routine helpful (n=614)

Because of her age, she just see’s it as a nightly beauty regime 🙂


I love that Aveeno don’t just have a cream but lot’s of other products too from creams to bath wash. You can see the full range and order a free sample on their Facebook page.

Here are my top tips for beating dry skin;

1) Try to apply on a regular basis because if children see it’s working they may be more likely to want it on and if it’s not painful and hurting then it’s nicer to apply.

2) Read their new Ellie & Eddie book as it’s lovely and helps children to understand dry skin and encourages them to enjoy a regular routine. You can download the book here for free.

I am a huge huge fan of their products and could not praise them enough. I would definitely recommend them.



*Disclosure – I was sent some products for review but all words and opinions are my own. 


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  1. Laura says:

    So glad it works for your daughter, I’ve heard very good things about Aveeno. Unfortunately my Aria reacted to it and started crying within minutes of putting in on. Which is a real shame as I have heard from the people that use it that they’ve stopped using steroid creams because of it.

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