Our day out at Watermouth Castle



We recently went on holiday to Ilfracoombe and one of our days out was to Watermouth Castle. We’ve been before and really enjoyed it and we enjoyed it again this time so I thought I would blog about it 🙂


There is so much to do. First you walk around the inside of the castle. They have lots of items from Victorian times, singing robot band (harry loved that), model railway plus lots more



They also have lots of antique pier machines which both adults and kids loved! Every machine is either 10p or 2p. We went on nearly every one (there is a lot) and only spent £1! Bargain! After that comes the dungeons. Some parts were a little too scary for Harry.

When you come out of the castle there is a shop, more penny machines and a cafe. We had a lovely lunch. While we ate lunch there was also things to keep the kids occupied like a carousel and a singing bird band!



After lunch we watched the Watershow. Harry loved it! (even though he fell asleep at the end)



Next was Gnome land! There is a bit  of a walk to it but there is lots to do on the way. They have lots of boxes where you press a button and the characters move and sing.



Once you get to Gnome land there are little houses where the characters move and play music plus lots more.



Its then onto adventure land (again a little walk but things to do on the way) which has lots of rides. The pre-teens could go on all the rides, the adults half the rides and Harry is only 14 months old but could go on a few rides so its perfect for all ages!



There is also lots more to do along the way. I would definitely recommend  it to anyone holidaying nearby!




This is not a sponsored post. I was holidaying and enjoyed my time so decided to write about it. All words and pictures are my own. 

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